Using the Map

You can view the intended learning outcomes in a number of ways.

The list based view

If you are new to the tool then you should start to explore it using the list-based option. Within this, you will find the outcomes listed in a number of ways:

Map based view

You can explore the relationship between the activity level ILOs using the map based browsing. When you identify an ILO, for example by first browsing the lists you can then display the ILO on the map. The map will then display other activity level ILOs that are closely related based on the predefined relationships to TD2009. You can click on the map to explore the detail of each related ILO. In map view you can also search for an ILO - but please note the results are limited only to the activity level ILOs and do not include the component level ILOs.


You can search the database using key words, including parts of words. Some words will be matched with MESH terms to broaden the search. If you search within the list view then the search results will include component- and activity-level outcomes. If you search within the map view, the search will include only activity level outcomes.