Welcome to the Curriculum Map Tool (CMT) for Medicine at the University of Manchester

The Curriculum Mapping Tool describes the MB ChB Programme at the University of Manchester, it is applicable for all students across Years 1 to 5.

Getting Started

List View

This provides you with a list of all the various elements that make up the MB ChB curriculum at Manchester. From choosing the particular element that interests you, this view allows you then to go on and explore how that element is connected to Intended Learning Outcomes, Activities or other aspects of the curriculum. From this view you can jump into the Map view for your chosen element or carry out a Search. We suggest you start with this view to get an oversight of the curriculum.

Map View

This view provides you with a graphical representation of the MB ChB curriculum. The curriculum is represented as a series of blocks, each being an Intended Learning Outcome (ILO) grouped by year and Component. Selecting an ILO allows you to see the details, as well as how it links with ILOs you have previously encountered or will encounter in the future. In this way, the map is designed to help show your progress through the programme and how each year builds on previous knowledge.

About the tool

The Curriculum Mapping Tool has been developed by Manchester Medical School to make the intended learning outcomes (ILOs) and other elements of the Manchester MBChB programme accessible and visible. It is intended as a resource for our students, teachers, programme administrators, curriculum designers and regulators: in short, all who have an interest in our programme. The Map provides a 'single source of truth' for our curriculum and links directly to 1Med Learn, our Learning Platform, contextualising the ILOs and relating them directly to the learning resources.

You can find more information about the structure and intended use of the curriculum mapping tool by following the Information link at the bottom of the page.

How to get the CMT for your University

The Tool is now available to other Medical Schools and Universities as a Cloud-based SaaS. Able to map any complex curriculum and align your curriculum to any external standards, the CMT is a valuable tool for any HE programme. To find out more go to our Community website at www.cmt.manchester.ac.uk

The Curriculum Mapping Team, January 2018

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